5 rhythmen movement meditation

Atmo Lars Lindvall is offering 5 Rhythms® Movement Meditation and Live!Waves regularly in Bern, Luzern, Karlsruhe and Freiburg. He is a professional musician, music teacher and certified 5 Rhythms® Teacher. His speciality are Live!Waves - 5 Rhythms Practice® with live music. All event dates click here.


Music for 5 Rhythms® Meditation Practice

cd wood Wood
Orchestrated melodies of simple beauty and energies reflecting this life. Featuring the woodwind instruments oboe and clarinet together with trumpet, fluegelhorn, guitar, bass, trombone, syntheziser, piano and percussion.

cd life is breathLife is breath
Classical elements, folk themes, jazz and latin fusion are combined to create a music that is nourishing and belongs to all of us. For people who enjoy moving to the 5Rhythms™: track 1-8 follow the format of a "Wave"™.

cd waveWave
Since 1996 "The 5Rhythm™" movement meditation practice by Gabriele Roth has been a source of Lars Lindvalls personal development. The CD, inspired by this practice, challenges the listener to discover inherent rhythms that lead through the musical textures.

All tracks are availale on bandcamp.

my last musical project “rest in peace”